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Friday 23rd April 2021

Cassette / digital download

01 Famous Last Words Before Execution Pt.1

02 I Should Be Swimming In A Pool Or Something

03 I Love Myself More Than I Could Ever Hate You

04 Hidden Planet

05 Turbulence In D Minor

06 Revolution On Paper

07 Start At The Bottom

08 Deathbed Request

Originally written in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd and the renewed protests against police brutality in the United States, Chris B., aka mynameisblueskye, created a truly singular record that hammered home the fact that the middle of 2020 was No Ordinary Summer. First released in October 2020 on limited edition mini-disc, Tiergarten Records brings this album to cassette almost a year on from the events that led to its genesis.

mynameisblueskye on No Ordinary Summer

"Just when we thought that 2020 was going to be an invigorating year, it choose to be such for all the wrong reasons. America is stuck in the house due to the Coronavirus, relationships rumble en route, and even worse, George Floyd has become one of the most known black person to be murdered in broad daylight by policemen. It truly wasn't an ordinary summer.

No Ordinary Summer is an album about feeling frustrated as the truly oppressed party, not only by your usual oppressor, but by the people who are supposed to be representing you. As a black cismale who is also pansexual and on the autism spectrum, everywhere you turn feels like a collective of grim reapers looking to take your life with no regrets and no consequences.

The album begins with a song that bemoans in the key of fread, as if the singer is sharing his last words before daylight execution. After that is a soundtrack to police cars being broken in, cop precincts being burnt down, innocent people mistaken for protestors being shot and the whole nine yards, and in the middle is a man who no longer feels at home or safe amongst his people or the oppressed.

Facing the times we live in will not come without the wish\ to be on another planet ("Hidden Planet"), the need to declare a love for one's self ("I Love myself More...") or trying to navigate one's emotional stoicism ("Start At the Bottom"), but in the course of three whole months, No Ordinary Summer finds mynameisblueskye, and many others, looking to stare down the barrel of America's gun with nothing but words that could either save him or be his ending.

The question is: after the last second of the last song is spent, who will truly be in his corner?"

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