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Patrick Samuel


Friday 5th February 2021

CD / digital download / streaming

01 Dead Presidents

02 The Ministry of Defense

03 Ghost Land

04 Messiah

05 Beautiful Lies

06 A Whispering Forest

07 Flesh And Fantasy

08 Black Eden

09 Communion

10 American Nazi

11 Zyklon B

12 Burn The Witch

13 White America

All songs written and performed by Patrick Samuel

Produced by Uwe Nietzold

Patrick Samuel is a musician, songwriter, singer, visual artist and public speaker diagnosed with autism and ADHD. The London-based neurodivergent creative left behind a career as a teaching assistant to pursue the arts and identifies himself as an advocate for autism awareness in all that he does.


After various exhibitions, speaking engagements and the self-released album Beyond The Spectrum, Patrick returned to the music scene in 2019, signing with neurodivergent indie label Tiergarten Records to distribute and promote his sophomore album, Distant Star. For the first time, he played acoustic, electric and bass guitar and sang on all 13 songs that appeared on the album with a strong post-punk and ethereal sound.


The new goth-rock direction with the Lost Shadows EP saw Patrick taking a more aggressive approach to his guitar playing and tackling more complex themes in his writing. Unlike Distant Star, the new songs would not feature any acoustic guitars and would be a departure from the sonic template he had developed over the first two albums. 


On 5th February 2021, Patrick releases his third album. Communion features 13 new songs written by, arranged, performed and produced by the artist. Tackling issues such as Black Lives Matter, mass shootings, police brutality, global elites, fascism, religion, and white supremacy, it is his most daring work to date.

Download the album in MP3/WAV format here.

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