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Patrick Samuel

Lost Shadows EP

Friday 6th November 2020

Digital download / Streaming

01 Lost Shadows

02 Disciples

03 Castle Graves

04 Book Of Souls

05 Stairway To Hell

All songs written and produced by Patrick Samuel


Electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, tambourine, keyboard, flute, kazoo and vocals by Patrick Samuel

After 13 solo exhibitions and 2 solo albums, Patrick Samuel announces the release of his first EP on Tiergarten Records, arriving on digital music platforms on 6th November 2020. Titled "Lost Shadows" and consisting of 5 new songs written and recorded during the lockdown, the release sees him taking a new direction.


"On my last record I was more concerned with the beauty and magic of things. But the world has changed so much now and we're all facing these new challenges. As artists, we have to make these things our focus to help create discussion, awareness and change.”


Packed with electrifying riffs, cinematic basslines, eastern vibes, thundering drums, churning mantras and hair-raising vocals that bring forth the artist's voice like never before, Lost Shadows reveals a newfound confidence at a time when many of us might’ve lost theirs.


“During lockdown time stopped for us all, but I found I could use what was happening as an opportunity to push myself with my writing, instruments and vocals. That was the main thing listeners said they wanted more of with Distant Star, to hear my voice right at the front and unmasked, so I’ve done my best to deliver that this time what I wanted these new songs to say.”


With its 5 songs, Lost Shadows is in an intense journey that builds to a ferocious climax that will leave you gasping for air. It also offers a peek at how one man not only coped, but thrived, under the isolated conditions of a national lockdown.


Patrick Samuel is a musician, songwriter, singer, visual artist and public speaker diagnosed with autism and ADHD. The London-based neurodivergent creative left behind a career as a teaching assistant to pursue the arts, and identifies himself as an advocate for autism awareness in all that he does.


Growing up in London in a strict Indian Catholic household that forbade creative expression in favour of church-going, Patrick went against the grain as a teenager and embraced the alternative lifestyle after being exposed to the indie, grunge, Britpop and post-punk scene that allowed him to express himself in an environment that was more accepting than his home, school and local community was.


In 1999 he moved to Germany and whilst working for a school in Berlin, he began composing his own music which would be used at live events, on television and in short films. Returning to London in 2003 when he began a degree in Philosophy, Patrick started remixing other artists, and for a short time he was a DJ at his own Infusion club nights in the City before he realised his anxiety would increase exponentially whenever he was approached in the booth.


In 2017 he self-released his debut solo album, the electronic instrumental opus, Beyond The Spectrum, a concept album about what it would be like to leave Earth behind. The release coincided with his first solo exhibition and public speaking appearances at conferences such as the London Autism Show and the Welsh Autism Show.


With the many solo exhibitions and speaking appearances that followed in the next year, Patrick only returned to the music scene in 2019 after signing with neurodivergent indie label Tiergarten Records to distribute and promote his sophomore album, Distant Star. The difference this time was that he now played acoustic, electric and bass guitar and sang on all 13 songs that appeared on the album that had a strong post-punk and ethereal sound and was dedicated to his late father.

Following the news of his mother's cancer and her subsequent passing in October 2019, Patrick went on to write and record a classical and jazz inspired album, as well as an album of Hindi and Sanskrit inspired songs dedicated to her. He would however abandon plans to release them and instead choose to move forward with material produced during the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns across the globe.


The new goth-rock direction with the Lost Shadows EP sees Patrick taking a more aggressive approach to his guitar playing and tackling more complex themes in his writing. Unlike Distant Star, the new songs would not feature any acoustic guitars and would be a departure from the sonic template he had developed over the first two albums.

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