Patrick Samuel


Friday 10th May 2019

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01. Witchcraft

Composed, performed and produced by Patrick Samuel 

Vocals: Patrick Samuel & Isabel Aguiar

Patrick Samuel is a musician and visual artist. Born in Trinidad, raised in the UK and having lived in Germany for a few years, he was diagnosed with autism and ADHD in London, around the same time when he started painting and producing music daily in 2017. Since then, he’s had several solo exhibitions and self-released his first album, the 19-track instrumental opus “Beyond The Spectrum” (2017).

Having signed to Tiergarten Records to release his second album, “Distant Star” (16th August 2019), Patrick dipped into his long-standing love for all things goth and post-punk, and for the first time committed his voice to record. With “Witchcraft”, the 1st single off the album, he also plays acoustic, electric and bass guitar on the self-penned mid-tempo ballad. The track, and the album, are dedicated to his late father with whom he shared an interest as they were both students of the occult, metaphysics and philosophy.

Along with his art and music, Patrick is a public speaker and autism rights advocate, speaking at conferences and shows around the UK. His work, and story, have been picked up in national media including the National Autistic Society, BBC Breakfast and BBC Online.

Witchcraft is the first single to be released from Patrick Samuel’s 2nd album, Distant Star. The self-penned mid-tempo ballad is a joyous ode to the magical feeling of falling in love and features the artist for the first time on vocals, acoustic, electric and bass guitar.

The video was shot in March 2019 and features Patrick as 4 different characters: The Boy, The Magician, The Little Prince and The Goth. It was exclusively premiered at the launch for Patrick’s 7th solo exhibition, Spellbound, which closely tied in with themes from the album.

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Friday 28th June 2019

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01. Miroslava

02. Starsailor

All songs written and performed by Robin Jax

Produced, recorded and mixed by Robin Jax at Tiergarten Records in Long Itchington, UK

Artwork by Robin Jax, with original source material by Susan Jack

After the Teardrop Girl-Star LP finally saw the light of day in 2017, Robin Jax opened up. Support slots with the likes of Alabaster dePlume, Thomas Truax and Madonnatron; a musical role in Room Art's Incidental; singing as a tenor in a choir alongside Wolfgang Buttress' BE Music (and 50,000 bees) in Coventry Cathedral; the launch of The Companions with musician/author Amber Bird - a relatively hyperactive burst of activity for someone whose studio debut took six years to complete and went through many pairs of hands. All of the lessons and "Voila!" moments from these experiences come together on Miroslava, the new single from Robin under his RobinPlaysChords alias. Recorded and mixed in-house, these two songs come from a similar sonic landscape to that of the Teardrop Girl-Star LP, despite both songs being from either side of that album's creation.

The newer song "Miroslava" is a self-described "Anglo-Ukrainian love song", inspired by Robin and Miroslava's own trans-European relationship. It throbs with tenderness, even whilst sung with fraught anxiety. The issues of distance, personal health worries and the various geopolitical considerations of the past few years have not extinguished their commitment to each other; it is unbroken, as Robin sings in the chorus, "even when my mind reacts like a stupid little child""Starsailor", on the other hand, has been on the fringes of the RobinPlaysChords catalogue for over a decade. It is "not scared" and unflinching in the face of a surrounding darkness. It is a song of intense empathy in a world seemingly absent of it.

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The Companions

New Earth (EIF RMX)

Friday 5th July

Digital download/streaming

01. New Earth (EIF RMX)

Original song recorded by The Companions, Jack Gilbert and Tim Ellis 

Remixed by EIF 

Mastered by Kris Ilic

In November 2018, The Companions opened up their universe. Their debut single "New Earth" explored the world from two pairs of alien eyes, scanning their surroundings and finding a planet that was both welcoming and hostile. Just before the single's initial launch, the title track made its way to the hands of EIF, who had previously performed with Companion R in Room Art's Incidental. Their remix, newly mastered by Disintegration State co-founder Kris Ilic (aka Lowering), is now available for all to hear.

The Companions are a transatlantic Autistic duo made up of Robin Jax (RobinPlaysChords) and Amber Bird (Varnish). EIF are a Polish duo based in Birmingham, UK. They describe their sound as "dub-influenced, experimental world electronic music". Their releases include "Autumn Conversations", a collaboration with BBC Young Jazz Musician Award winner Xhosa Cole, and the "Human Animal EP" released on Bit-Phalanx.

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